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Good Things // 8.11.17

Let’s just say the last two weeks have been a little busy. There’s been fun things and hard things, work things, stressful things, happy things and, well, good things. So let’s focus on a few of those!

  • A former coworker of mine recently approached me about doing some freelance editing on a project she was working on. It had been awhile since I’d been in that particular editing headspace (Bible studies), so it took me a couple of days to respond. But I think it’s definitely a good thing I did. The project we’re working on is so, so good. And I don’t think it’s a coincidence … I think God put this project in my life at this time because He knew I needed to hear, ponder, drink in and dwell on its message. That I needed His truth to seep into my bones and infiltrate my heart. He also brought it to me just as I was beginning a more concerted effort to take on freelance work. I’m grateful for His graciousness in both.
  • Another good thing? I had to have the first session of that freelance project edited and ready to submit for approval by the end of this week. I’m proud to say that I turned in all my stuff last night!
  • I got a new planner that started in August. I love it maybe way too much. Shout out to Emily Ley and the Simplified Planner!
  • Last night, after I finished one last part of the first part of the freelance project, I told myself I could celebrate by making popcorn (yes, in my Cusinart microwave popcorn contraption) and watching an episode of Poldark on Amazon Prime. I  didn’t realize I was on the last episode of Season 2, though! And, if you follow me on social media, yep, I’m still mad at Ross. And a bit at Demelza. But mostly Ross. (Actually, Mac is a little peeved, too.)IMG_0144
  • It’s Friday! I have copious amounts of caffeine in various forms, I can sleep in tomorrow and all is well!

What are the good things in your life this week? Share them in the comments!


Good Things // 7.28.17

For some reason, this week has felt like a month. It could be the days with back-to-back headaches and an attempt to be healthier—physically and spiritually—by getting up at 5:15 a.m. It could just be it’s that time in the life of a university employee when life starts to get a little busier. All that said, I’m happy it’s Friday, and I’m excited students will be back soon!

So, let’s focus on all the things I’m grateful for this week with this week’s “Good Things” list!

  • Professionally, it’s been a good media relations week, with two local stations coming out to cover an event on campus I pitched to them.
  • I took friends to a lunch spot I love, but one they’d never been to. They loved it! (Sometimes, sharing your favorite things with someone makes you a little vulnerable. What if you put it out there and they hate it? Thankfully, that was not the case.) And if you happen to be in Nashville and hungry for lunch, you ought to try Clawson’s Deli sometime!
  • Good coffee. On Wednesday, I had a headache that felt like the back of my head was in a vice grip. I was thankful when I went home and got to eat and lie down for a bit. . . then I realized I had to go buy dog food for my dog, which means going to a particular store because he can only have limited ingredient foods. So, I hopped in the car and drove to PetCo. After I got Mac’s food, I stopped in at a grocery store I love but don’t often have a chance to go to. I came home with delicious brioche bread and a delicious coffee roast I’m enjoying right now!
  • I attempted a new recipe this week, one that I was basically making up on my own. IMG_0115It still needs some fine-tuning, but I think crockpot BBQ peach chicken will be an actual recipe soon!
  • Hope. I took on a freelance editing project last week and spent some time early this week reading through parts of the video transcripts and content. And I cried as I read some of it, in a good way. I think there are times when God brings you to a particular place at a particular time and uses things you don’t expect to speak to you.

Good Things // 7.22.17

No, your eyes do not deceive you. It is indeed Saturday, and “Good Things” usually posts on Friday. Let’s just say yesterday was a day full of technical difficulties. But, yesterday’s over and there are still plenty of great things to celebrate from this week.

So here we go!

  • 1fb0d4da2a264b384f0165980fc87d18Last week, I bought a Cusinart silicone microwave popcorn maker at Bed, Bath and Beyond. I’d glimpsed it a few weeks earlier and decided I didn’t need it, but I really, really like popcorn . . . and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. For me, buying popcorn kernels that can be popped rather than prepackaged microwave popcorn bags tends to be a little more cost effective. I had my reservations, but guys, this things works! Granted, I burned my first batch, but the second was delightful!
  • I’ve been trying to reign in eating lunch out a little, just to help my budget a little. This week included two $3 meals in the Caf at work and 3 meals of Baja Burrito catering leftovers. It’s still good on the second. . . and third day!
  • The last few days have been miserably hot in Nashville. I’m not going to lie: I’m super thankful for working A/C!
  • Yesterday, I went to used book sale at a local library. I came home with quite a few treasures I couldn’t pass up, including Lion, Peace Like a River, The Light Between Oceans, A Thousand Acres, While I Was Gone and an 1947 copy of Irma Rombauer’s The Joy of Cooking. As soon as I finish Stephen King’s On Writing, I’ll have a wide selection to choose from!
  • While many things didn’t go quite as planned this week, I can say that I did an interview and turned around a story in two days time, which can be a little hard to do in my line of work. So despite all the setbacks, I’m counting this week as a success!

Good Things // 7.14.17

It’s Friday, so that means one thing, right? Another installment of “Good Things” here on Unfinished Business.

OK, so maybe you thought that meant something else, but you’re already here, so why don’t you just peruse a few of the good things from my life this week and try to think of a few in your own?

With no further ado . . .

  • Blueberry muffins from Dozen. I tweeted awhile back that they were my love language, and I really wasn’t joking.
  • A/C. Have you guys been outside at all this week? Here in Nashville, it’s been pretty miserable. I’m thankful for working A/C this week. Because let’s be honest, I’d pretty much be dead without it.
  • Hope. I started this week a little down. I’ve had a cold all week and am now on the upswing, but I also just felt emotionally exhausted and bogged down, really convinced of my “not-good-enough-ness.” But the other night, I was reading Scripture and Romans 15:13 shone like a beacon on the page of my Bible: “I pray that God, the source of hope, will fill you completely with joy and peace because you trust in him. Then you will overflow with confident hope through the power of the Holy Spirit.” I felt hope flood me. Because my “good-enough-ness” isn’t what He’s looking for. It’s for my trust, and in trusting Him, I find hope.
  • This guy. When you’re not feeling well, he’s your best friend.586E590D-40E9-4F95-AEF3-D046F6A02FE1
  • When persistence on a project pays off. I am hopefully reaping the harvest of some of that persistence this afternoon.
  • Things to look forward to, from dinner with friends to seeing my brother and his family to a night of good music on a so-called “school night” with a good friend.
  • Opportunities that come from nowhere. I’ve been trying to increase my freelance opportunities and this week an unexpected offer came out of the blue.
  • Movies that make you feel something. I watched the movie Before We Go about a year or more ago on Netflix. A few months later, I saw it on Netflix again and rewatched it. Last weekend, I bought it on Amazon Video. While the Chris Evans-directed film didn’t get a lot of attention and actually seems to be disliked by almost everyone, I like it. And I don’t mind that the ending leaves things a little up in the air—because I have an imagination!

Good Things // 7.7.17

While it’s going to take a few more cups of coffee to wake me up on an overcast drizzly morning in Nashville, I have quite a few things to be thankful for this week. With no further ado, here they are, in no particular order.

  • A short trip to Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg with my parents. We packed a lot into a few days, squeezing in Dollywood (and fireworks), exploring Elkmont in the Smoky Mountain National Park, shopping, shows and eating at a number of delicious restaurants. It was good to take a break, go somewhere I enjoy and get to hang out with my family for a bit.
  • A dog who misses me when I’m gone. Mac the Magnificent was boarded at the vet while I was gone. When I came home, he had a hoarse bark but was ecstatic to see me and return to his house. I was happy to see him, too!
  • Coffee. I actually used up all the remaining beans in my house yesterday morning, but detoured by the grocery store on my way home from work last night and got some more. Because coffee is life, you guys!
  • Setting goals. There are some things I want to achieve this year, from writing more consistently on this blog to picking up some freelance writing, editing and proofing assignments. With the help of a planner I wasn’t using, I’m working to find a way to set goals and track my progress. The accountability will help, I think!

Good Things

As the week winds down and we head to the July 4 holiday, it just seems like a good time to reflect on the good things in life. So here’s a few of the recent “good things” that have made my life a little richer!

  • A morning walk (in the light misty rain) with Mac. We stayed out a little longer this morning, trying to work some actual cardio into the stroll. I’m not sure51A4KkO7qzL._SX330_BO1,204,203,200_ we were actually successful on that front, but we both had a good time.
  • A good book. Because I do so much reading and writing for my job, I sometimes come home at night and want to push anything word-related away.  But I decided to pick up a book on my reading list for the year and spend a little time reading each night as a way to unwind. While I haven’t been super successful at the “each night” part of that, the book is really good. If you like mysteries, check out The Life We Bury.
  • A crockpot meal. There are some nights when it’s a struggle for me to get home from work, care for my house and dog, exercise and get to the next place I’m supposed to be. This week, a simple chicken and potato meal in the crockpot saved me from both an unhealthy fast food dinner and not eating until after 8 p.m. Crockpot meals are becoming a favorite of mine. I even made a board on Pinterest!
  • Opportunities. I recently decided to try to pursue some freelance options more aggressively. A big dream of mine is to have an article published in a major magazine or website. While I’m not there yet, I’m actively trying to find ways to do some freelance writing and/or editing/proofreading. If you know of opportunities, let me know!
  • The promise of the holiday! My work graciously gave us July 3 off, too, so I now have a long weekend. I’m planning a short trip to the Smokies to celebrate!

Good Things

It’s been a long time since I wrote one of these, but it’s time to get back in the habit. With no further ado, I present to you my weekly round-up of positive things!

  • Starting the day with a butter beer latte from the Red Bicycle. Some Fridays need to
    A butterscotch latte. What’s not to like?

    start with lattes, amiright?

  • That good feeling when part of job is media relations and you send out a media alert and a news station calls you back!
  • We’re doing a bracket challenge at work, and I’m winning. Because of my lack of interest in NCAA basketball this season (read: anger at Mizzou), this is remarkable. But there’s also a whole lot of games to go. My lead could be destroyed after this weekend!
  • In a little over two weeks, it will be MLB Opening Day, and I’ll be there in St. Louis watching the Cardinals take on the Cubs. Can’t wait!
  • Finding new, interesting podcasts. Current obsession? Lore by Aaron Mahnke. It feeds the part of me that loves “Unsolved Mysteries” and weird folklore stories. And I’ve read that Amazon is creating a series with Mahnke. 
  • T
    his may sound old lady-ish, but I’m excited that tomorrow, I’ll have an opportunity to rest. It’s been a busy, long week.

Good Things (episode 5)

Well, it’s Friday and it’s a “Good Things” Friday here at Unfinished Business. So, let’s just get started listing a few blessings and happy things in my life over the last couple of weeks!

  • Yummy cobbler. With ice cream. And friends.
  • While we’re on the topic of food, let’s put homemade cinnamon rolls up there. I made some to help encourage some coworkers with a big deadline today—and the cinnamon rolls may have also encouraged me.
  • It’s my month again to teach in the children’s area of my church. My friend Michelle and I teach a kindergarten class. Last week was a little rough with all the kids being amped up from July 4, but I’m still happy I get to hang out with them. They move up to a new class at the end of the month, and I’m so amazed at how much they have grown up and matured over these last few months. I hope we’ve planted some seeds of the gospel!
  • This guy.
  • Meeting a printer deadline with no stress or tears! Yay!
  • Wimbledon.
  • A Cardinals come-from-behind win (in the 9th) over the Cubs on Wednesday night. I may have stood up in my living room and cheered (and told the Cubs fans to sit down. ) You know, because they can hear you through the TV.
  • Feeling like I’m doing a good job tying up loose ends and ending a chapter in my life at my current job well.

    It swelled a little and was sore, but it’s better now!
  • Getting the silverware drawer open after a large spatula jammed it—with only minor
  • injuries to my hand.
  • The weekend, folks. The weekend. It’s coming! ENJOY IT!

Good Things (episode 4)

Just a few of the good things in my life over the last couple of weeks:

  • A good price on a windshield replacement. I called my insurance agent (Shelter) to check the deductible and confirmed what I already knew: the replacement would likely be smaller than my deductible. But the agency suggested I call a couple of companies they often work with and let them know I had my insurance with them. That resulted in a really good price! Thanks, Shelter!
  • A good visit to Missouri during which I really got to spend time with my family and just hang out.
  • Half price shakes at Sonic after 8 p.m. Chocolate-covered banana. Yum.
  • A new opportunity in the form of a new job. I start in August.
  •   Early mornings with Mac. This dog wakes up SO happy, and he makes me happier. Even at 5 a.m.
  • The realization that I am going to hit a deadline without killing myself.
  • A yoga class in which I did not feel sheer hatred for the teacher and her endless planks and downward dog poses. (It was a different teacher and she didn’t make us do a plank once!)
  • Nephew's team playing T-ball
    Nephew’s team playing T-ball

    Watching my nephew play T-ball. It’s pretty much the most anticlimactic and boring sport ever, but he had fun and so did Aunt Mandy!

Good Things (episode 3)

It’s Friday, and it’s been two weeks since my last “Good Things” post. So, with no further ado. . .

  • Two of my favorite podcasts collided this week. I’ve listened to “Stuff You Missed In History Class” for a long time (through several hosts, actually), but ran across Nate DiMeo’s “The Memory Palace” when I was searching for something to fill the void of “Serial.” This week, the ladies at “Stuff You Missed” chatted with Nate! They’re big fans, too!
  • “The Memory Palace” will start releasing new episodes each week on June 21. Subscribe if you like good storytelling. Favorite episodes for me: “The Brothers Booth Schmancy Platinum Remaster Edition,” “High Above Lake Michigan,” and “Episode 65: Two-Dimensional Projectiles.” 
  • Good news and new opportunities.
  • IMG_3875
    Mmm, good! Especially with homemade vanilla ice cream!

    Blackberry cobbler and a fun night laughing and talking with friends.

  • A weekend with NO plans. (I’m tired, people.)
  • Time off soon to see my dad for Father’s Day AND see my oldest nephew play t-ball!
  • Early morning walks with Mac. This little dog wakes up SO happy and it can be contagious. (But if someone could talk him into sleeping in a little on Saturdays, I’d appreciate it!)
  • Coworkers who were so generous to give to people they don’t know and minister to a family that’s grieving.
  • Coffee. It’s ALWAYS a good thing!