Muffin passed away from cancer in May 2014. She was feisty until the end and greatly missed. 

Hi! I’m Muffin. Mandy likes to say that I belong to her, but that’s not the whole truth. The way I see it, she’s my person. She belongs to me. And I let her live in my house, sit on my couch, and cater to my whims. She just thinks she calls the shots around here!

As much as I like to talk about her, let’s get on to more important topics. Like ME! Like I said, I’m Muffin. I’m a toy poodle and I weigh somewhere between 8-9 pounds. My hobbies include barking and playing with my favorite toy, a red, spiky ball that my person (Mandy) sometimes hides from me. I’m 12 years old in people years, and if you try to tell me that I’m old, I won’t believe you. I don’t feel old! I don’t act old! Therefore, I am not old!

People like to say I’m high-strung, silly, hyperactive, and I’ve even heard people describe me as annoying. I just roll my eyes, because I know how awesome I am. You know I’m awesome, too. Don’t deny it. You LOVE me!

And with the addition of this new page on Mandy’s blog, I wanted to make an important announcement: I’m a blogger, too! Sometimes, I take over Mandy’s blog and write whatever my little doggy heart pleases. (Yes, I don’t have opposable thumbs, but I have stories to tell and I’ll find a way to type them!) So be on the lookout for my posts on Mandy’s blog. She’s not the only one who’s got something to say!

(And you can find links to my posts down below.)

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#5. She must hate me.

#6. A note from exile

#7. Payback!


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“A finished person is a boring person.” Anna Quindlen

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