IMG_3546Hey guys! I’m Mac the Magnificent, or so I’m told! I recently found out about blogging and asked Mandy for a little space of my own. So, she graciously gave me this page and said she’d think about posting some of the things I wrote. I think she mumbled something about having to look it over first. I’m not going to spend time pondering what that means. Who cares?! I’m going to be a WRITER!

I’ve lived with Mandy since September 13, 2014. She adopted me. I don’t really talk much about my pre-Mandy days. I prefer to celebrate the joyous new life I have!

When I’m not blogging, I enjoy, in no particular order:



Playing with my toys (particularly, Funshine, my CareBear)


Road trips (I’m the copilot!)


Hanging out with Mandy

Mandy and Mac
Mandy and Mac

Be sure to follow all my exploits and adventures. And follow me on Twitter at @MacMagnificent1.

1. Mac and the terrifying throw 

2. Mac and the trip to the vet

3. Mac and the hidden food



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“A finished person is a boring person.” Anna Quindlen

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