Good Things // 8.11.17

Let’s just say the last two weeks have been a little busy. There’s been fun things and hard things, work things, stressful things, happy things and, well, good things. So let’s focus on a few of those!

  • A former coworker of mine recently approached me about doing some freelance editing on a project she was working on. It had been awhile since I’d been in that particular editing headspace (Bible studies), so it took me a couple of days to respond. But I think it’s definitely a good thing I did. The project we’re working on is so, so good. And I don’t think it’s a coincidence … I think God put this project in my life at this time because He knew I needed to hear, ponder, drink in and dwell on its message. That I needed His truth to seep into my bones and infiltrate my heart. He also brought it to me just as I was beginning a more concerted effort to take on freelance work. I’m grateful for His graciousness in both.
  • Another good thing? I had to have the first session of that freelance project edited and ready to submit for approval by the end of this week. I’m proud to say that I turned in all my stuff last night!
  • I got a new planner that started in August. I love it maybe way too much. Shout out to Emily Ley and the Simplified Planner!
  • Last night, after I finished one last part of the first part of the freelance project, I told myself I could celebrate by making popcorn (yes, in my Cusinart microwave popcorn contraption) and watching an episode of Poldark on Amazon Prime. I  didn’t realize I was on the last episode of Season 2, though! And, if you follow me on social media, yep, I’m still mad at Ross. And a bit at Demelza. But mostly Ross. (Actually, Mac is a little peeved, too.)IMG_0144
  • It’s Friday! I have copious amounts of caffeine in various forms, I can sleep in tomorrow and all is well!

What are the good things in your life this week? Share them in the comments!


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