Good Things // 7.28.17

For some reason, this week has felt like a month. It could be the days with back-to-back headaches and an attempt to be healthier—physically and spiritually—by getting up at 5:15 a.m. It could just be it’s that time in the life of a university employee when life starts to get a little busier. All that said, I’m happy it’s Friday, and I’m excited students will be back soon!

So, let’s focus on all the things I’m grateful for this week with this week’s “Good Things” list!

  • Professionally, it’s been a good media relations week, with two local stations coming out to cover an event on campus I pitched to them.
  • I took friends to a lunch spot I love, but one they’d never been to. They loved it! (Sometimes, sharing your favorite things with someone makes you a little vulnerable. What if you put it out there and they hate it? Thankfully, that was not the case.) And if you happen to be in Nashville and hungry for lunch, you ought to try Clawson’s Deli sometime!
  • Good coffee. On Wednesday, I had a headache that felt like the back of my head was in a vice grip. I was thankful when I went home and got to eat and lie down for a bit. . . then I realized I had to go buy dog food for my dog, which means going to a particular store because he can only have limited ingredient foods. So, I hopped in the car and drove to PetCo. After I got Mac’s food, I stopped in at a grocery store I love but don’t often have a chance to go to. I came home with delicious brioche bread and a delicious coffee roast I’m enjoying right now!
  • I attempted a new recipe this week, one that I was basically making up on my own. IMG_0115It still needs some fine-tuning, but I think crockpot BBQ peach chicken will be an actual recipe soon!
  • Hope. I took on a freelance editing project last week and spent some time early this week reading through parts of the video transcripts and content. And I cried as I read some of it, in a good way. I think there are times when God brings you to a particular place at a particular time and uses things you don’t expect to speak to you.

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