Good Things // 7.22.17

No, your eyes do not deceive you. It is indeed Saturday, and “Good Things” usually posts on Friday. Let’s just say yesterday was a day full of technical difficulties. But, yesterday’s over and there are still plenty of great things to celebrate from this week.

So here we go!

  • 1fb0d4da2a264b384f0165980fc87d18Last week, I bought a Cusinart silicone microwave popcorn maker at Bed, Bath and Beyond. I’d glimpsed it a few weeks earlier and decided I didn’t need it, but I really, really like popcorn . . . and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. For me, buying popcorn kernels that can be popped rather than prepackaged microwave popcorn bags tends to be a little more cost effective. I had my reservations, but guys, this things works! Granted, I burned my first batch, but the second was delightful!
  • I’ve been trying to reign in eating lunch out a little, just to help my budget a little. This week included two $3 meals in the Caf at work and 3 meals of Baja Burrito catering leftovers. It’s still good on the second. . . and third day!
  • The last few days have been miserably hot in Nashville. I’m not going to lie: I’m super thankful for working A/C!
  • Yesterday, I went to used book sale at a local library. I came home with quite a few treasures I couldn’t pass up, including Lion, Peace Like a River, The Light Between Oceans, A Thousand Acres, While I Was Gone and an 1947 copy of Irma Rombauer’s The Joy of Cooking. As soon as I finish Stephen King’s On Writing, I’ll have a wide selection to choose from!
  • While many things didn’t go quite as planned this week, I can say that I did an interview and turned around a story in two days time, which can be a little hard to do in my line of work. So despite all the setbacks, I’m counting this week as a success!

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