Firsts and Lasts

I remember my first day here.

I was 24, about to graduate from Vanderbilt Divinity School, and excited. I’d bought a new hair product—and accidentally used too much, and it made my hair look oily. But at that point, it was time to leave for work, so I decided to pretend like this was normal and make the best of it. I rushed out the door, headed to my first real job, not wanting to be late.

I was about 30 minutes early.

I didn’t know then that I was starting an adventure, that I would meet people who would become friends for life. I expected hard work and deadlines; I didn’t expect laughter and practical jokes.

For awhile, my coworkers liked to play jokes on each other when someone went on vacation. We covered Karen’s office in sticky notes. We put an old typewriter in Emily’s office, complete with a note from the first president of LifeWay. Once, I came back from vacation to find a speech bubble taped to every piece of furniture, my bookshelf, desk, chair, and lamps all declaring they had missed me.

I didn’t know the breadth and depth of the experience I’d get. From interviewing musicians and authors to editing devotions and short-term studies, I had a chance to a little of everything. I’ve run a monthly magazine, edited ongoing curriculum, and been on site for video and photo shoots.

But most of all, I’ll remember the little things. The note from a reader who said that EC helped her to draw closer to Christ. The coworker who stopped to pray with me when my grandma had a massive stroke. The people I got to mentor and train and encourage.

On Friday, I’ll walk out of LifeWay and close a chapter in my life’s story. It’s a good chapter, full of growing up, learning how to interact with others, and becoming a good editor.

And there’s a new exciting chapter just about to start.

So, keep reading. This book isn’t finished yet.


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