The Memory Palace

I fell in love with stories a long time ago.

A hero or heroine, an unexpected twist, a truth that somehow applies to my life, a character who voices my thoughts.

I love a good story, whether it’s fiction or non-fiction, family lore or historical. I like to read stories, watch them, and tell a few myself.

So last year, it was no surprise that I got sucked into the podcast “Serial.” I’m a mystery fan and often find myself lost in true crime stories and TV shows. I was late the “Serial” bandwagon, listening to the episodes as I drove to Missouri for Christmas.

And when I finished, I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t have another season to listen to yet, and I hadn’t found an audio book that captured my attention. I needed a new podcast.

That’s when I found “The Memory Palace” by Nate Dimeo. A guy with a journalism background, Nate likes to tell stories, too. When I found the podcast, I started listening—and kept listening until I had listened to every episode. Nate combines two things I love: good storytelling and little-known or little considered bits of history.

Just last weekend, Nate started a new season of “The Memory Palace.” He sometimes calls it the first real season of the podcast, since prior to this it was updated sporadically as he had time and energy to do so. For the next few weeks, he’ll be posting an episode a week and continuing to tell stories in his plaintive, thoughtful way.

If you need something to listen to during your commute, I highly recommend “The Memory Palace.” You’ll learn something, and if nothing else, enjoy a good story.

If you’re in NYC or the West Coast, check out the website for some upcoming live shows. Let me know if you’d like some recommendations of my favorite episodes! 


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