Mac and the terrifying throw

Me, relaxing on the patio
Me, relaxing on the patio

Hey, guys! Mac here.

So, I told you I’d be blogging here sometimes—and something finally happened that I felt like I needed to write about. Mandy thinks the whole thing is downright hilarious, but I’m telling you, it isn’t!

The whole thing started on Monday afternoon. See, Mandy left. On a holiday to go somewhere and eat with some people or something. All I know is that I wasn’t invited. And I was pretty much OK with that because I was curled up on my favorite spot on the couch with a nice snuggly throw taking a nap.

Then, it happened. Something was on my back. I couldn’t shake it off. I couldn’t push it off with my paws. When I jumped off the couch, it followed. When I twisted to the right, it did too. What was it? Why was it following me? Why couldn’t I get it off my back?!

Luckily, about that time, I heard Mandy coming up the front steps. So I did what any smart dog would do. I barked. Not my “Hey, Mandy! You’re HOME!” bark, but my “I’m kind of terrified and need your help bark.” Believe me, she knows the difference.

So Mandy came in the house asking, “What’s wrong, Mac?” So, I showed her. The terrible thing that was following me, that I couldn’t shake off, that was heavy and hot and terrifying.

And she laughed.

Out loud.

And promptly removed my favorite red throw blanket from where it had gotten stuck on my collar.

Phew. Survived.


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