The crazy cat lady wears slippers

I don’t like to walk around barefoot.

There, I said it. I don’t like to walk barefoot on the beach or around the pool deck. I always try to wear something on my feet when in hotels so my bare feet never really touch the carpet. There are a pair of slippers that stay in my suitcase for such occasions.

Once, on a retreat for work, we stayed in a house where the rule was you couldn’t wear shoes inside.

I almost came unglued.

I don’t know when this habit began and I can’t quite explain it, but the result has been that I generally wear shoes or slippers, even when inside my house. And right before Christmas, I bought a new pair to replace my worn-out, falling apart set of slippers. The new ones are gray with white fuzzy fur and pom poms. Yes, they’re ridiculous.

slippersBut they’re also completely amazing, warm, and soft.

And I wear them ALL the time. Sometimes, as soon as I get home, I put them on. They’re quite the fashion statement with jeans or cords, I must say.

But last weekend, I ordered a pizza. And when the delivery guy arrived, I happened to be wearing the magical slippers. As I signed the receipt and he handed me my pizza, he said “I love your shoes” with a little smile. I murmured a confused “thank you” and our conversation was over.

Later, I thought about that little comment. It can mean only a few things . . .

A. I’m already the crazy, spinster lady who wears the crazy slippers around her house. Maybe he was mocking me and was already thinking about how I was *this* close to being a cat lady, especially with the crazy slippers that I wear even when they don’t go with the outfit.

B. He really did like the slippers—and wants to get a pair for his mom. This, too, does nothing for my ego.

C. He just wanted to say something nice and it was the first thing that came to mind. This makes me laugh, because it’s SO something I would do.

But I’ve got to admit, I’m not sure that the pizza delivery guy joking with you about your slippers is a compliment. . . but I may just choose to take it that way, because I really don’t want to be the crazy cat lady of 486. Especially because I really don’t want to own a cat. . .


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