Rest Easy

Early this morning, I sat down in the corner of my couch, tucked my feet under a fuzzy blanket, and opened my Bible.

I jokingly told some friends earlier this week that if I come to work really grumpy, it’s because of one of two things: I haven’t had my quiet time or I haven’t exercised. (And truth be told, I didn’t exercise this morning!)

But there’s truth to that statement. I may buck against the discipline, but I need that time alone in God’s Word and prayer where I pour out my heart to Him, confess, and implore Him to help the areas of unbelief in me. I’ve been slowly but surely working my way through the Old Testament for awhile, and today I read David’s last words in 2 Samuel 23 and the account of his Mighty Men. After I shut my Bible and journal and got up to take my empty orange juice glass to the kitchen, the chorus to Andrew Peterson’s song “Rest Easy” came to mind.

I don’t think that was an errant thought out of nowhere.

As I pondered the song and the idea of resting easy in God’s grace, another thought came quietly.

“I didn’t ask you to do a bunch of stuff. I asked you to follow Me.”

Following isn’t striving to prove yourself. It isn’t about checklists or great, amazing acts of faith.

Following, at its core, is about being with someone.

I’ve long thought of the day I said yes to Jesus like a proposal or like Ruth’s promises to Naomi. He invited me to follow Him. To walk with Him. To be with Him.

Not to do a bunch of stuff. Not to follow a bunch or rules or prove how faithful I am by how good I am.

And the planner/checklist-girl inside of me gets that confused sometimes.

I told God this morning that sometimes I felt like I didn’t have very much faith, that I didn’t believe Him enough. And His answer wasn’t “try harder.”

It was “Be with Me.”

So, rest easy, Christians. You were invited to follow Him, not prove yourself to Him or earn His love. You can stop worrying about that next big step in your life or if you have enough faith.

Just bring it all to Jesus and rest in Him.

Rest easy.


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