Nashville, find your “safe place”!

Several months ago, my mom bought me a weather radio.

Truth be told, I was happy about it. Not waking up during really bad weather in the middle of the night and unidentified “bad things” happening to me has always been a bit of an irrational fear of mine. Once, when I was younger and still living at home, I woke up in the middle of a really bad storm and lay in my bed for a few minutes completely convinced that my entire family had taken cover in the basement, but left me upstairs. I had to get up and make sure my parents were still asleep in their room before I could convince myself otherwise. (I also think I woke my mother up during this convincing. Oops!)

So, I was kind of happy to get the weather radio. I’d be sure to wake up if something bad was going on outside and if my power went out or my satellite TV lost connection (this happens often during storms), I’d have something that would let me know what was happening and if I should take cover.

But in the last few months, I’ve become slightly less enamored with the weather radio. There was the time it just kept beeping every hour or so because for some reason it had missed a weekly update (that it’s supposed to do ON IT’S OWN). Right after Christmas, it woke me up in the middle of the night to warn of flash flooding. (I may have taken the batteries out at that point.)

I was thankful for it last night, because I felt informed about the 3 a.m. storms and knew when I needed to head downstairs. . . which leads us to another conundrum.

I live in an end unit condo. The only completely interior room in my house is my upstairs bathroom. So, when storms come, I’m left with trying to figure out the safest place in my unit—without resorting to running to my neighbor’s unit, which is entirely interior, and asking if I can hang out. At 3 a.m. With my dog. In my pajamas.

There’s a half-bath, but it’s on an exterior wall. There’s a tiny hallway between the kitchen and living room, but I don’t know that it offers that much shelter. There’s a closet under the stairs, but it’s also on an exterior wall. There’s storage under the stairs, but it’s highly creepy and I’d only hide in there if I thought Hannibal Lector was looking for me.

So, I’m left with this tiny space between my record cabinet and some built-in shelving on the only interior wall in my house. It’s just wide enough for me, but it’s uncomfortable and probably not all that safe. But last night, for a few minutes when the fury of the storm outside got eerily quiet, it’s the place where Muffin and I sat while we waited for the worst to pass.

Thankfully, the storms weren’t that bad on my side of town. But now I’m wondering if I should just make the cabinet my hiding place. Who thinks I can fit in there? 😉


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