My Christmas tree hates me.

I like Christmas.

I like the lights, the decorations, the trees, the music. I like that we take time to dwell on the meaning of Emmanuel and the sense of wonder that Christmas brings even to those who don’t follow Christ. I like the red and gold, the ribbon, the stockings by the fireplace, and twinkling Christmas lights on a evergreen tree in a quiet, still room on a cold December night.

And this year, I had this plan. I wanted to get my Christmas decorations up and my tree decorated BEFORE I left for a family Thanksgiving trip to Branson. And I got a lot of the Christmas decorations up, but when it came to the tree, the plan started to unravel.

The tree with missing, unlighted sections. Sigh.

First, it’s a prelighted tree. Which is awesome. Until a few of the prelighted sections go out. And it’s WAY obvious that they’re out. When I put my tree up and plugged it in, the entire bottom section and a section toward the top didn’t light. So the Christmas tree remained standing in my living room, undecorated, for a week while I celebrated Thanksgiving.

When I got back to town, I had this plan to fix the situation. I saw on Lowes’ website that you could get some good deals on Christmas lights online on Cyber Monday and pick them up in the store that day. So I ordered and headed to the Lowes down the street from my house after work.

And mistakenly bought multi-colored lights for a tree that uses only white lights. Sigh.

My fully lighted and decorated tree, BEFORE the section on the front and center went out.

That meant a return trip to Lowes to return the wrong lights and to buy more white lights. Five boxes of lights later, my tree was fully lit and decorated.

Then came this morning, when I went downstairs to gaze at the tree and feel the peace of the twinkling lights. . . and a big section right in the front and center was out.

My Christmas tree hates me.

And at this point, the feeling is a little mutual.

But I’m not taking the decorations off and putting on more lights. So, if you come to my house, you better not mention the dark spot on the tree—or just pretend to like it!



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