Let’s bring back letters!

Think about your birthdays when you were little. The parties (sometimes). The cake. The candles. Paper streamers. Presents. And cards. Lots of them coming in the mail for days before your big day.

We live in a world where cards and letters have gone by the wayside.

And I, for one, think it’s kind of sad.

It’s been almost a month since my birthday. . . and let’s just say that my birthday made no real impact on the amount of mail in my actual mailbox. Yes, there were bills. Sale advertisements. That annoying coupon thing from stores I don’t shop at and a copy of US Weekly, which I’m still flummoxed about how I got a random subscription to . . .

But only about 3 to 4 birthday cards. I get that I’m 34, and no one sends cards anymore. I’m not dumb. But I missed that rush of expectation when I opened the mailbox and there were colorful envelopes addressed to me. I miss handwritten notes, short letters, and envelopes filled with something besides bills or info about when I’m supposed to serve in the nursery at church. Letters and cards have always made me happy. . . and I’m willing to bet they made you smile, too.

So, here’s my proposal, dear readers: let’s bring letters and cards back. I know the floundering USPS would appreciate it—but I also know people you know and love will appreciate it. So here’s your challenge for this week: Write a short note (in a card, a letter, etc.) to a child in your life and mail it. I’m going to write my Compassion child, Blessed, who lives in Bolivia. I’m going to use the online tools Compassion provides to do that, but I’m also going to find Halloween cards and send them to my nephews later in the week.

Spend some time writing a heartfelt note to a kid you love this week and send them a smile. Words can be a gift and a treasure, so use them well!


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