Generic Buddy

So, I have this friend named Buddy.

He’s a great guy, a fellow music lover, and all-around funny. In my circle of friends, Buddy’s well-known for his Buddyisms, funny phrases that he uses—and that always make me laugh. And some of them have even wormed their way into my own vocabulary. If you ever here me say something is a “true treasure,” or I implore you to “make good choices,” know that I’ve just leveled some of Buddy’s best work right at ‘ya.

A few weeks ago, Buddy and a few friends opened an online greeting card business called Generic Buddy cards. Basically, they’re using pictures from Buddy’s life (he’s got an expressive face, ya’ll) and making off-kilter cards using the photos. There are birthday cards, just because cards, funny cards, and Christmas cards are in the works. Most of the cards have a couple of captions you can select from and most of them make me laugh. Hard. (Some aren’t exactly to my taste, but that’s the way it goes with everything, right?)

So, if you’re in the need for some quirky, handmade cards, check out Generic Buddy. Or at least go look at the cards and laugh. It’ll make your Wednesday brighter!


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