One of the not-so-secrets of my life (if you’ve read this blog much or know me well) is that I’m not extremely confident or sure of myself. When changes come, new people arrive on the scene, or I feel somehow vulnerable, sooner or later I find myself listening to the lies that are whispering in my ears and rattling around in my head: You’re not good enough. They don’t really like you. When something better comes along, they’ll leave you. If they really knew you, they’d run away. Fast. No one thinks you’re doing a good job.

As a good friend told me yesterday, the lies of the Enemy are powerful. He comes to kill, steal, and destroy.

I know myself pretty well and have become more successful at sensing when I’m heading into a season of self-doubt and fear. A few weeks ago, I recognized the patterns of thinking and posted a reminder on the corner of my monitor at work where I would see it every day. Remember Whose You Are, it says, reminding me not to listen to the lies or to let the fears have control.

But some days, try as I might, the lies seem so loud, and I begin to believe them. Days like yesterday.

But even in those moments, there’s the still same voice whispering, Remember.

Remember the truth. Remember who you are. Remember whose you are. Remember. Remember. Remember.

It comes in the words of Scripture, while I’m listening to a song, in quiet moments, in prayer. Remember that you are Mine. Remember that there are people who love you. Remember that whatever happens, you are not alone. Remember, when you’ve completely lost your way, I haven’t let go of You, and you’ll find your way back home. Remember when it feels like the song in you has died, I am the God who makes all things—all things—new.

Remember. Remember. Remember.

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