I think we need a new plan.

Remember when I set out that lofty goal to read 30 books this year?

Remember when I almost achieved that goal last year?

Remember when I created this incredible list of books to read this year?

The silly Jane Austen book I couldn’t resist.

Yeah. That was pretty cool wasn’t it? The problem? It’s probably not going to happen.

It’s almost August and I’m woefully behind schedule if I’m going to read 30 books in 12 months. With about four months left to go, the number of books I’ve read is still in the single digits. I also should have done more research on some of the books I set out to read; I started several on the list only to realize they were particularly vile and to subsequently strike them from the list. And then, I got a little crazy in the Kindle store and bought a bunch of books that aren’t on the list. Then, there was the incredibly silly Jane Austen-inspired novel I found in Target and had to read, even though I knew it was going to be completely ridiculous. And it was, but it also made me laugh!

Truth be told, I’m probably not going to reach my goal this year. And I’m OK with that. I’ll just forge ahead, reading the books that interest me and savoring the good ones.

And maybe 2013 will be the year I actually read 30 books!


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