I’m not sure what to think.

I’ve written before about my love for the USA show “Covert Affairs.” To me, it’s a bit like “Alias,” only not as dark. I like the excitement of the missions and enjoy the interaction between Annie and Auggie, two of the main characters, played by Piper Perabo and Chris Gorham, respectively.

Last night, “Covert Affairs” kicked off its third (I believe) season on USA. I was excited for two reasons: 1) “Covert Affairs” was back and 2) there was something new to watch on TV!

But, truth be told, I was a little disappointed in the premiere. Here’s why:

There were few tie-ins to last season’s finale.
If you’re going to send Auggie off to talk to a girlfriend-ish person in another country right after he gives Annie his car and she realizes she might have feelings for him, it might be good to at least make a nod toward some of that in the season premiere. I’m willing to say I could have missed it, but most of the episode was completely stand-alone and didn’t seem to build on last year’s finale.

 It feels like a completely different show.
I know show runners like to have “total game-changer” episodes on their shows. I get it. You get to really change things up and write new and different situations and perhaps get yourself out of a corner you’d painted yourself into. But with Annie’s brash new boss and new unit, Auggie working for someone else and not working as Annie’s handler, and Joan relegated mostly to the edges of the episode, it lost some of the feel of “Covert Affairs.” For the most part, this show has been kind of campy, with Annie not even killing anyone or having guns for most of the series. (I realize this is unrealistic, but I kind of enjoyed it.) This episode introduced a new brash tone to the show—and for the first time, I noticed characters swearing. I’ve never noticed that before on the show and I felt like the producers were trying to make a point with it. Plus, the highlight of this show has always been the Annie/Auggie interaction and that was pretty minimal last night.

 They made Annie trashy.
Annie has always been kind of wholesome and fun, a girl-next-door who happens to be a spy. Now she’s working ops trying to get info on a very dangerous guy and sleeping with him. I think I yelled, “Annie, no!” at my TV when it became clear that was the direction of the plot.

 The previews for next week didn’t seem to fit with what I’d just watched.
In the previews, Joan was instructing Annie and Auggie about a mission. Why? She’s not their boss anymore, right? There was no sign of Annie’s new boss or Auggie’s new job. I guess I’ll have to watch the episode to find out what’s going on, but if the show keeps going this way, I can easily see myself tuning out very soon!



5 thoughts on “I’m not sure what to think.”

  1. Hmmm…haven’t watched it yet due to the All-Star Game last night. Planning to watch it tonight. I was excited to see where the Annie/Auggie thing from the season finale was going as well.

      1. Hi, hope you had a chance to see the newer episodes. I think I’m liking it more..perhaps even the character of Simon..especially after the last episode. Would love to know your thoughts on it! 😀

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