A product I love: Smashbox BB Cream

Sorry, guys. This post probably isn’t for you. Just deal with it.

I also don’t often post about product I love because pushing people to buy stuff really isn’t the aim of this blog, but I really like this one!

Most of you who know me well know that I’m a makeup junkie. I like makeup, and I like trying out new products. I remember buying someone a gift certificate to Sephora as a gift about 9 years ago when it was first hitting the big time. She asked, “What is this site?”

I was all, “Only the greatest thing ever!”

Sephora is probably now a familiar word to most of us. There are physical Sephora stores, and the online store, where you can get pretty much any kind of makeup product you want. Plus, if you order from there a lot and become a Sephora Beauty Insider, you can get lots of samples. (I’m actually a VIB, which is a special status given to big Sephora spenders.) And it’s because of that program that I managed to get a sample of Smashbox’s BB Cream as a sample.

Let’s just say I was skeptical. I’ve always been very conscious of my skin issues, as someone who has had acne issues and goes to the dermatologist regularly to keep things under control. So foundation has always been a big deal to me, since it can even out blotchiness and cover up breakouts. I’ve never been one who loved sheer foundations or tinted moisturizers because they didn’t give enough coverage. Then the BB Cream arrived in my Sephora box.

Let’s get a little info on what BB cream is. It’s basically a tinted cream that is supposed to do five things: moisturize, prime, perfect, control oil, and protect your skin. You can wear it alone, under your favorite foundation, or topped with powder.

As someone who has weird skin (i.e. dry but oily in places), I didn’t think it would work. I tried it out during long Saturday morning runs while we were training for the half marathon, to calm the redness and also because there’s SPF 35 in that stuff. It seemed to calm my skin and make it look smoother and less red. It kept me from getting a sunburn during the half marathon. And as the summer has gotten hotter, I’ve taken to wearing it as my foundation with just a little powder on top. I honestly can’t really tell the difference between it and my very expensive (and AWESOME) Dior foundation. I like the way it seems to minimize my pores and I really do think that it helps control oil.

I have tried it under foundation once, kind of as a primer. I thought it felt too heavy for that, but some people may like that. I probably won’t use it on days when I have significant breakouts because it really doesn’t work well to cover those (when you don’t use concealer). But when my skin is relatively clear and it’s hotter than blue blazes, it’s probably going to be my choice. With SPF, a light feel, and decent coverage, what’s not to like?

Name: Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream
Color: Light (there are 5 options)
Cost: $39, but it should last awhile
Who it’s for: Those who want easy makeup application, don’t like to look like they’re wearing makeup, those who just want to smooth out their skin a little, and people who want to protect their skin from the sun
Grade: A+



One thought on “A product I love: Smashbox BB Cream”

  1. I am loving the sunscreen I got from DHC! It feels like, and slightly looks like, I have a light foundation on. You know I don’t wear makeup, so to get the effect of foundation without makeup is awesome! One of the ingredients is talc, and I think it greatly helps with oil control. The sunscreen is spf 25, not too much, not too little. It gives an all day long matte finish. Love it!

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