Point of View

I’m a fan/lurker/sometimes reader of the Rabbit Room. If you’re unfamiliar with it, it’s a blog/community of like-minded people/place to read about good books and art and music and mystery and God/home of Rabbit Room Press which publishes books—well, it’s kind of hard to describe actually. You just have to experience it. So, check it out sometime: www.rabbitroom.com/.

Early this morning, as I sat down to my bowl of cereal and planned to start my Bible reading, I happened to see a post on Facebook from Pete Peterson, the guy whose running the day-to-day show at the Rabbit Room in response to something others had said to him. Here’s a portion of his post:

. . . it was readily apparent to me in hearing how many lives have been changed that none of it was my doing. Listen: I ship boxes. I fiddle with websites. I edit posts. I take out the trash. I mail the power bill. I write books. But I don’t change lives. I just do my part, and I’m in complete awe when folks like you afford me the perspective to stand back and look at what God has done by putting all those tiny parts together into something complex and meaningful and bigger than any of us. That’s amazing. That’s a mystery. I wouldn’t have it any other way.
It’s an honor to be putting together the pieces, and I’ll go on doing it as long as I can. You’re doing your parts too, and for that you have my deep gratitude. One day we’ll all stand back and see the whole picture, and we’ll see the Artist’s fingerprints all over it. I expect it’s going to be something amazing to behold. Can’t wait.

It’s funny how early in the morning on a day when I am physically tired from the work schedule I’ve been keeping God will use words like this to speak to my heart. Because I feel pretty much the same way about the work I do. In the day-to-day struggle to get a magazine out the door and to the printer on time, it’s easy to get lost in the trenches—where I’m focused on finding the right words, making an article sparkle, art decisions, fonts, commas, and if the entire magazine works together to tell a coherent story. The devil is in the details, we say, but it’s really easy to let the details become everything in this business.

It’s not to say those things aren’t important. But every once in a while I get a Facebook message from a reader or an email and I’m reminded that this is bigger than me. That this magazine goes out into the world every month and I don’t have any control on all the places it could end up. And somehow, God is using it to change lives. I shared the gospel with a friend, one reader wrote us. And when she accepted Christ, I gave her your magazine so she could have a daily devotion plan. This was the first Father’s Day since my dad passed away, another reader said. Your article on the website helped.

The details are important, but the story God is writing is even better.

And every once in a while, I get to see things from His perspective and see how He’s working it all together.

He is indeed the Artist—and I’m a paintbrush He’s using for a few fleeting moments.


One thought on “Point of View”

  1. What a great way to view your work! All you do to get that magazine in print gives God the avenue to reach someone’s heart.

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