Letters (to vent my frustration)

Since today I am apparently channeling my inner 80-year-old crotchety old woman, and I haven’t written letters of any sort for a long time, I thought it was time to end the drought. Ready for some airing of grievances? (OK, not really, because I’m not really all that mad. Just a bit tired and mildly frustrated.) Anyway. . .

Dear Satellite TV Provider:
I have loved you for a long time. I have told people that you’re awesome. But lately, there have been some issues. First, the whole sports package/baseball games are all blacked out debacle. This would be awesome if you offered Extra Innings (coverage of all MLB games), but you don’t. It could also be easily fixed if I just spent the bunch of money to get MLB.tv. Which I’m just not ready to do. How can I spend that much money on entertainment when it could be put to better uses?

But last night was SO. MUCH. FUN! That, of course, is sarcasm. When I came home yesterday, my receiver was acting weird and saying I had total signal loss. Truth be told (and I did tell you this last night), this happens to me 2 or 3 times a week. Usually powering everything off, waiting a few minutes, and restarting helps. Last night, my TV screen said “Acquiring signal—this should take about 5 minutes” for, well, all night long. From 5 p.m. until I left at 6:30 a.m. I can only guess it’s still doing it. When I called to talk to your customer service technicians, they were nice and polite, but told me everything I’d already tried. But when I tried to set up an appointment with a technician to actually come see what was going on, things got REALLY frustrating.

Here’s the deal: I work. All day long. I can’t justify leaving work for a 4 hour window during which YOU might show up. And when I tried to see if I could anyone to come between 3-5 (a slightly more doable window), you acted like I was dumb, then wanted to know when I had a day off. And scheduled an appointment for SATURDAY. As in two more days without TV. I’ve already missed DVRing the final installment of “Hatfields and McCoys,” so really? I’m glad I got that appointment moved to today, but kind of upset that I may have to run home from work AND come back to make it.


Highly frustrated and addicted to the morning news,



Dear FB friends:

Ah, Facebook. The infamous news feed. Let me get a few things off my chest:

FB friend: I know you’re in a new relationship. I am not a bitter single person and am really happy for you. BUT—OH MY WORD!—stop posting sappy stuff to your significant other all the time! We all know you’re happy and in the throes of a new relationship, but every status update? And friends, should I ever become this person, you have my permission to sit me down and have a talk with me about what’s appropriate to post and what’s not!

Person I know from high school: I have a sneaking suspicion many of your posts are made while you are out drinking and/or drunk. Please reconsider this practice. Not only are the things you say kind of off color and offensive, but later, you’re probably going to regret them.

Over-poster: I am speaking the truth in love. You are awesome; it’s undeniable. But really, you don’t have to update with every little thing you do throughout your day!

News Feed: What is this social cam stuff? And do the people who show up in my feed as having watched those videos know it’s showing up in other peoples’ feeds? Because I’ve been a bit horrified by some of the screenshots of videos that have showed up in my feed and the people it said had watched them. My advice: stop watching questionable videos. And check your sharing and privacy settings!

I still love FB,


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