A little perspective

This morning, I was upset because I thought my air conditioner wasn’t working right.

It’ll cost a ton of money to fix it, I thought to myself. This always happens to me!

In a few minutes, the knots of worry in my stomach loosened when the outside unit kicked on like it was supposed to. All was well.

A reminder came quickly, though. I may have been worried about my a/c and expensive repairs, both of which are legitimate worries. But maybe not the most important ones. A sweet family I know and love came to mind, the mother still in the hospital with injuries of her own, a 2-year-old son in critical condition and the doctors had said there was no more they could do. I prayed for them, praying that God’s peace surround them, praying for healing, praying for God’s glory to be declared. Blessed, my Compassion child came to mind, and I realized that while I was worrying about air conditioning, families in her neighborhood were worrying about finding ways to feed their children that day. I prayed for her and her family. I prayed for a friend whose grandfather isn’t doing well.

When I went upstairs to get ready for work, a friend had forwarded a text that that beautiful little 2-year-old boy I’d prayed for had passed away. While I was worrying about my air conditioner, his parents were saying goodbye to a beloved son. And through tears, I prayed to the God who knows what it is to suffer, who is well acquainted with grief, and the Father who gave up His own Son.

Some mornings you just need a little perspective. At the end of my days, whether my a/c unit was working right or not probably won’t matter. These relationships and the ways I can serve and love others in them will.

Sometimes, you just need a little perspective.


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