Road Trip!!!!!

One day last August, I sat in my car before coming into work and cried.

Not because I hate what I do, because I don’t. Not because I was dreading a meeting or was angry with a coworker. I cried because I was so incredibly exhausted and stressed that I didn’t know how else to handle it but crying. I hadn’t had a day off since one Friday in May, and I needed a break, mentally and physically.

This year, I decided it was time to take a little better care of myself physically and mentally. So, last Friday, I took the day off and four good friends and I headed to Atlanta for a little girls’ weekend.

The agenda was simple: have fun and go to IKEA. There were a lot of good laughs, some sweet moments, adjoining rooms in a high rise hotel, and the puzzle of trying to get my new IKEA chair into the backseat of my friend Mindy’s car. (Thanks random dude in IKEA parking lot!)

And then there were the crazy things we said—which quickly got so ridiculous we started keeping a list. Here they are in no particular order:

“You’re gonna be on church!” (When I told my friend Michelle that I’d been videotaped for something by our choir director)

“We’re of like bladders!” (No comment!)

“No grumpypants!” (Really, this was just the motto for the entire trip.)

“Are you in front of us? When did that happen?” (Me on a phone call to my friends in the other car. My car had no idea they were in front of us. . . or when they passed us.)

“Go faster!” (My friends Rachel and Mindy to the world’s SLOWEST 3D movie about the Civil War at the Atlanta History Center. We finally just gave up and went to see the rest of the exhibit.)

“I know  you!” (Shouted often and loudly across crowded rooms to each other.)

Michelle in regular conversation while learning about the Civil War in an exhibit: “One, I toured a building that used to be an insane asylum.”
Alisha: What?! Why?!
Michelle: I was on a date.
Me: A bad date!

Me: Did old men on motorcycles just honk at us?
Alisha: Yes, yes they did.
(Apparently, this is the kind of attention we attract. . .)

“Yes! A tropical storm!” (My friend Rachel is really into weather!)

“That’s my boyfriend.” (Me, deadpan, upon seeing an interestingly dressed man in the MARTA station.)

Michelle upon receiving dollar coins back from the machine where we got MARTA passes: “Are these real?”
Me: “Yes. They’re gold doubloons.”

Me when my friend Alisha was looking at some very tall platform heels: “You’d look like a calf on ice trying to walk in those.”
Alisha: Um, what?

Alisha, while trying to make the Spock/Star Trek hand sign (for the life of me I don’t remember why): “My finger and my pinky don’t talk!”

And then there was that moment in the tasting room at the World of Coke museum when we tasted the “Beverly” from Italy:

Tasting the Beverly from Italy. This isn’t so bad!
Oh my word! WHY do people drink this? WHY?!!!!

2 thoughts on “Road Trip!!!!!”

  1. I have a quote.
    Thought going through Mindy’s mind as she walks a street in Atlanta: “I just passed someone riding a Segway. Those can’t go any faster than I walk?”

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