Today, my heart is heavy.

My heart is heavy today. Over the weekend, a friend of a friend was involved in a awful car accident in Mississippi with her six kids in the car.

Four of the children are OK and not in the hospital. Two were very badly injured, including the 2-year-old. The mom, Laurie, is in the hospital with severe injuries of her own. It was heartbreaking news.

Laurie is the best friend of a dear friend of mine. So, through the years, I’ve hung out with her and grown to think of her as a friend. It hurts my heart that this is happening to her and her sweet family.

I sat down to write about it this morning and couldn’t. The only thing that kept coming into my mind was a short poem I wrote months ago in a moment of disappointment and grief. So, I just thought I’d repost it today. I don’t know that it’s good, but it expressed the way I felt then, and the way I feel now. I’m not a parent, so I can only imagine what Laurie and her husband are feeling. I know they’re trusting in the Good Shepherd.

Sometimes I Need a Shepherd

Sometimes, I need a Shepherd
showing me the way.
The path is dark; the end unclear.
Sometimes, I need a Shepherd who simply draws me near.

I need to hear His heartbeat
thump against my ear.
I need to feel His comfort;
I need to know He cares.

Sometimes, I need a Shepherd
to tell me when I’m wrong.
To guide me and correct me;
To pull me from despair.

Today I need a Shepherd;
I’m a lamb confused and scared.
Today I need a Shepherd
showing me the way.


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