Prayers for a friend

I woke up tired this morning. Probably because I didn’t sleep well—which is directly correlated to the fact that I read a few chapters in a book in which Auschwitz is a primary plot point before trying to go to sleep and it upset me highly.

But I was also concerned for a good friend of mine, my buddy Buddy, who’ll have surgery later today for kidney stones. I know the surgery is fairly routine and it will help to ease the tremendous pain he’s been under these past few days, but it’s still daunting when someone you love faces surgery.

So if you have a moment this morning, say a prayer for Buddy and his doctors. Remember those of us who wait to hear how surgery went. And offer thanks to God that we have access to modern medicine that makes it possible for Buddy’s worst pain to ease.

And if you want to laugh a lot, hurry to the hospital and talk with Buddy before they put him under for the surgery. He’s hilarious normally, but when he’s on heavy painkillers, he’s kind of hilarious.

My favorite pic of me and Buddy in which it appears we’ve just had the world’s worst argument, when in fact, we had not.

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