Opening Day: Goals for this season

It’s Opening Day (or night since the Cardinals and the Miami Marlins kick things off with a night game) today, and I, for one, couldn’t be happier. This year’s NCAA basketball was amazing, but ended on a slightly sour, bittersweet note for Missouri fans, so the return of the Boys of Summer fresh off a World Series win couldn’t come early enough!

me and tony
Me and my close friend, former Cards manager Tony LaRussa. Look in the background!

And this Opening Day, I have a few goals for the season—that don’t really involve my team, the St. Louis Cardinals, at all.

1. Get a new jersey. My favorite jersey for the past few years has been my #5 jersey emblazoned with Albert Pujols’ name. Since Albert is now an Angel and broke my mama’s heart, I just can’t wear that jersey right now. It will likely take up residence with my Mark McGwire jersey (we’ve been on a break for a few years). I want a David Freese jersey because I kind of heart him. So be on the lookout, Cards fans and shoppers, and let me know where I can get the best deal!

2. Go to St. Louis for a game. I didn’t get to go last year. Well, actually, last year I got mad at the Cardinals around August and stopped paying attention. Then, they played an amazing September and won the World Series. But I digress. It’s been two years since I’ve been to a game, and I’d like to go this year. Preferably for a win. Over the Cubs.

3. Watch as many games as possible. I have been wanting to get Apple TV for awhile. If you have an subscription, you can watch them on your HD TV with Apple TV. I’m thinking it’s worth it, since I live in the South and only get to see the Cardinals when the Braves aren’t playing. (And truly, who cares about the Braves? It was a joke, people. A joke!)

4. Get David Freese to retweet me. OK. I’ve been trying this for awhile. It hasn’t worked yet. I will not give up hope!

5. Watch my two favorite baseball-ish movies: Field of Dreams and The Natural. Because I can. And because I love them.

Happy Baseball Season, all! Now bring me some peanuts and cracker jacks.


5 thoughts on “Opening Day: Goals for this season”

  1. I got a new jersey for Christmas…Ozzie Smith…a classic. So I never have to “retire” mine now when players break our hearts ;-)! Our family has been on Opening Sunday at Busch Stadium for the past 3 years. This year that’s a Cubs game and with the new dynamic pricing, even the not-so-great seats were expensive! We go at least a couple more times with “free” tickets the kids get from being in the kids club and various other vouchers and sit in the nose bleeds so the one game we pay for we splurge on good seats! We have front row seats, just inside fair territory in right field for a game in June. And let me tell you, front row in any section or isle seats are worth every penny when you have kids with you. Between bathroom and snack breaks and pictures with Fred Bird, you’re up and down dozens of times and I hate climbing over people!

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