A weird day

Yesterday was just a weird day.

The whole, entire day felt like a whirlwind. From the time I got out of bed to the time I went to sleep last night, large portions of yesterday simply felt like I was moving in fast-forward.

There was the early morning rush of getting to work and figuring out what needed to be done first. An awkward conversation with a friend, then a blur of a meeting.

Then, the meeting after the meeting, when everything we’d decided in the meeting changed. And none of that was necessarily bad and most of it’s really exciting, but it did add to the weird vibe the day was already starting to give off.

After a brief lunch break and some focused work, there was the weird email. The one from a publicist and sent to a mass of people whose names are somehow tied to publications—from a dating site wanting coverage. A dating site for swingers.

Um, yeah. That got deleted after I read the first sentence.


And then I capped off the day with a trip to the dentist—where I had yet another new hygenist. I haven’t had the same one for three straight visits since forever. And the doctor was busy with some kind of intense procedure in another room and never got to actually look at my teeth. (They decided I could leave after I had to wait, lying down in the chair for about 20 minutes and he never showed up to look at my teeth.) Good thing I don’t have any major problems!

I capped the day with a 4 mile run, which wasn’t good and I was THIRSTY about 2 miles in and getting a drink was all I could think about—which was unfortunate because I was running on a trail with no nearby water fountains and hadn’t brought anything with me. That just meant I could buy a Sobe strawberry kiwi lemonade on the way home, so I guess that’s a plus.

Weird days aren’t all bad—but I’m hoping today is a little more, well, “normal.”

Whatever that is!


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