The night in which Mandy and Buddy attempt the impossible.

Sometimes, you just need a night off. A night without work to do at home, housework, places to be, expectations, and everything else. Because sometimes—you guys *may* not know this (wink)—I try to carry around the weight of the world on my own.

Earlier this week, my let’s-go-hear-some-local-musicians-play-and-I-don’t-wanna-go-alone-buddy Buddy texted me with a plan for Wednesday night. A plan that involved dinner at a place on Broadway where a friend was playing, dropping in on a showcase another local artist acquaintance was playing, then ending the night watching two other local favorites sing in Hillsboro Village.

To put it simply: 3 venues, 4 singers we wanted to see, 1 car, 2 friends, about $20.

We started by checking out Steven Clawson at the Cadillac Ranch where he plays often. 5-8 p.m. STRAIGHT! He does original tunes and covers, including “Hotel California” and Bruce Springsteen’s “I’m on Fire.”

Check out Steven:

Then, we ran/walked past the Ryman where I kept shouting “Look for a Mumford!” in hopes of somehow getting tickets to the show since Ticketmaster pretty much shut down our attempt when tickets went on sale. (Presales shouldn’t sell nearly all the tickets and people looking for 3 tickets together should be able to find them! Off my soapbox now.) Actually, walking up Broadway on our way back to the car last night felt a little like a scene from a movie. So many tourist people out at the honky tonks on Broadway and it felt so little like the “real” Nashville I know and love.

Next, we dashed over to hear our friend Charlie Worsham do a 5 song set. Granted, this was the first time in Nashville history that something actually started on time, so we got there after he’d started singing his first song, but oh well! Charlie sounded great, had a rocking band, and seems poised to take over country music at some point in the near future. What a talent!

Just for you, a little of Charlie’s “Trouble Is”

Then, after Charlie’s set was over, we headed over to hear Buddy’s friend John Martin do a few songs before Korby Lenker took the stage with his friend Brandon Godman as their bluegrassy side project, the Gentlemen Strangers. It was a fun night full of great music that made me smile, including Korby’s “My Little Life” and some beautiful guitar and fiddle action, especially on the song that ended with a beautiful rendition of “Shenandoah,” a song that makes me cry. (But then, I cry a lot.) Check them out:

A good night with a good friend. Sometimes, you just need that. 🙂


2 thoughts on “The night in which Mandy and Buddy attempt the impossible.”

  1. So I have this dream that someday I’m going to be coming to Nashville to see my brothers…and you’re going to take me to some really cool only-the-locals-know-about-this coffee shop and then introduce me to Charlie and Korby! (It’s ok to call them by their first names, I subscribe to their YouTube pages.) Got it? Ok, good. 🙂

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