On the road again: 7 miles

Really, this week’s sign kind of says it all: 7 is not a perfect number.

Yeah, maybe it is in biblical passages, but when you have to run it on a Saturday morning, 7 miles is anything but perfect.

Especially when you don’t feel 100 percent, the weather has switched from 80 degrees to the 30s, and you just don’t want to run. But part of running and training for a race is getting out there and just covering the distance whether you feel like it or not. So, that’s what Alisha and I did on Saturday morning.

Because we’re getting to longer runs and Crockett Park’s trails offer safety from cars, include hills (which we’ll have to run in the half), and go on seemingly forever, we picked it as the location for our 7 mile run and headed out around 9 a.m. on Saturday morning. I won’t lie: the first mile was kind of gross. But we set our intervals (run six, walk 2 minutes) and mostly stuck to those for the entire run (there were a few exceptions, mostly because the change in the weather really messed up my sinuses).

The great thing about running with a partner is that I wouldn’t have done this run if Alisha hadn’t been running with me. If I’d even gotten to the park without talking myself out of running, I might have only run part of the distance, decided it was too hard, and went home. But with Alisha, we spurred each other on, got to that point in the run where it wasn’t completely awful and remembered that we could actually do this. Plus, we got to have some good conversation about life, God, faith, trusting Him when we’re not getting what we want, and what it means to live the Christian life. (We both agree that it’s not as easy as we thought it was supposed to be.)

Saturday’s long run definitely didn’t break any personal records, but we did manage to run at a faster pace this week, so that’s improvement. Yay, us! If you’re interested, here’s Week 4′s run, by the numbers:

Distance: 7 miles
Location: Crockett Park Trails
Time: 1:22:55
Average pace: 11’40”
If you want to see it on GPS, go here: http://nikerunning.nike.com/nikeos/p/nikeplus/en_US/plus/#//runs/gps/1625581486/288425899/

As I train for the half marathon, you’ll see more posts like this. I’m planning to document each long run, so you’ll get to come alongside me for every mile, every irrational I-hate-running-and-why-did-I-sign-up-for-this moment, and every completely random adventure that happens along the way.

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