American Idol: The Dudes

American Idol is back and I’m still watching. After all these years and all those times I said I wouldn’t watch.

And I bet you’ve all waited on bated breath to read my recaps again. And my comments on Ryan’s extreme silliness.

But here we go. This. Is. American. Idol!

(And Ryan’s wearing a three-piece suit I think he stole from Simon Baker’s The Mentalist wardrobe. No lie. I just can’t NOT say anything. Also, J.Lo’s dress. It’s an appropriate length, but it’s so tight it leaves nothing to the imagination. Ladies, let’s leave SOMETHING to the imagination. OK?)

After Ryan explained the rules of American Idol (which we pretty much know at this point in time) and the judges were introduced, it was time for the singing!

Reed Grimm “Moves Like Jagger”
• Too crooner-y for my taste.
• The drums and dancing at the beginning: too much and uncomfortable
• It felt like a lot of styles crammed into one song. A bit schizophrenic for me. I won’t be voting for him. (Of course, the judges LOVED him.)

Adam Brock “Think”
• Didn’t like him in his auditions, but liked his vocals a lot.
• Not really much of a performer. More of a stand and sing and walk around a little kind of guy.
• Good performance, just felt like he held back a little.

Deandre Brackensick “Reasons”
• Nice control of his voice, but I hate songs where it feels like people are constantly moving between registers.
• Weird song choice.
• Boy can sing and hit notes higher than me, but it’s just not my cup of tea. Good performance, just not my personal taste.

Colton Dixon (from Murfreesboro, Tenn.!) “Decode”
• Very hipster.
• Comfortable in front of a crowd. Great performer
• Really strong voice and good control and a great song, but a weird part of the song that didn’t offer much variety.

Jeremy Rosado “Gravity”
• Such a nice, lyrical voice. Big notes are beautiful.
• Understated performance.
• If I could describe this performance in one word, it would be: sweet.

Aaron Marcellus “Never Can Say Goodbye”
• Nice range and beautiful control of his voice, especially when doing runs.
• This is the first performance that just made me happy. Maybe because I kind of love Jackson 5 songs.
• Probably my favorite performance so far.

Chase Likens “Storm Warning”
• As Randy would say, the song started a tiny bit pitchy.
• There’s places in this song where it feels (to me) that he doesn’t quite know what note he’s supposed to be hitting.
• Good performer, totally country, but his voice is not on par with the other guys who’ve performed thus far.

Creighton Fraker “True Colors”
• His hair is bad and his intro video was weird, but he has me at the first note.
• Nice break in his voice.
• Got a little screamy toward the end and has a tendency to push some of his notes through his nose or into the back of his throat. Nice performance and beautiful in parts. I hope he stays around, because I need to hear more to know if he’s good or not.

Phillip Phillips (Why do people do this to their children?!) “In the Air Tonight”
• Like the gruffness in his voice, but I feel like he pushes his voice a little (and someday he’s going to hurt his vocal chords!)
• Really liked the big part of the song, but the scream at the end just hurt my throat. Nice, but seriously, he’s going to ruin his voice singing that way!

Eben Franckewitz “Set Fire to the Rain”
• A bit flat sometimes.
• Bad song choice. Adele’s becoming one of those Mariah/Whitney kinds of singers. Either don’t do it, do it better than the original, or completely different.
• Absolutely no emotion. Because he’s like 15 and singing a song about something he has NO real idea about.

Heejun Han  “Angels”
• Love his voice, but I wish he showed more emotion when he sings.
• Best description of the vocals: smooth.
• I hope he stays around!

Joshua Ledet
• That. Was. Awesome.
• And it’s totally not my style.

The big twist? The judges bring back Jermaine. And he stands next to Ryan and makes Ryan look even more TINY!

Jermaine Johns “Dance with my Father”
• Not sure about the song choice, but I like Jermaine.
• Nice, smooth vocal.
• Good performance. He’s definitely better than Eben.

And that’s pretty much the show. I have no idea who’s going or staying, but I hope Colton, Aaron, Joshua, and Jeremy are in the mix!



2 thoughts on “American Idol: The Dudes”

    1. I had good intentions. . . but I had church last night, got home later than usual, and a friend called who needed someone to talk with her. .. .all of which is why I haven’t actually watched all of that episode yet. I may just have to skip it and try again next week!

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