Sometimes, a girl just needs to talk to her mom.

I called my mom on my way to the gym after work last night. I called her near tears.

Transition and change are hard. Loving people through these things is hard. Grief comes in waves and when you least expect it and sometimes people need a listening ear and a kind word. And I know all of these things, but it doesn’t make the period of transition I’m beginning to walk through any easier. People I love and have worked with for years are hurting. The future is uncertain. I don’t get to write the end of the story.

But knowing all of that and trusting God in it all doesn’t actually make walking through it easy. And I needed to talk to my mom yesterday.

She met my shaky voice with one softened with kindness. She spoke truthful words about guilt and grief and understanding what’s mine to take responsibility for and what’s not. She affirmed things I knew God had been trying to teach me through His Word, sermons, and His Spirit. She reminded me why I do what I do and how I’m supposed to work as a child of God.

Then, she made me laugh.

Deep belly laughs as we talked about my complete ineptitude with flirting. (Quote: Really, Mandy. Who else do you know who’s been out on a date and didn’t realize it was a date? Also, that’s a true story. It happened. Twice.) Plus, a story about a church soloist that had me rolling as she described it.

Laughter truly is good for the soul.

And I love my momma!




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