A time to mourn

I wanted to write something funny, some witty thoughts to make you laugh.

A joke. A story. A random thought that was both insightful and utterly ridiculous.

But when I sat down to write, none of those things seemed right.

Today, I’m sad. I’m sad for people I love, sad because life is hard.

Change is good, but it’s also hard. And yesterday was hard. And today will be hard.

Laughter and witty stories will come again, but right now, it’s the time to mourn and be sad. Goodbyes are hard and life isn’t easy.

But it’s also an adventure, and someday, the tears will all be wiped away.

So today, I’ll just be quiet. I’ll savor the day that I’ve been given. Because I may not know the way, but I do know the Guide.

“But praise and trust him too for the knowledge that what’s lost is nothing to what’s found, and that all the dark there ever was, set next to light, would scarcely fill a cup.” —Frederick Buechner


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