My morning in bullets

• Phone alarm goes off. Hit snooze.

• Drag out of bed when it sounds again.

• Walk dog.

• Feed dog.

• Do Classical Stretch (first time in about 2 weeks).

• Read Bible. Pray.

• Get ready for work.

• Quickly steam/press wrinkles out of cardigan.

• Gather lunch.

• Drive to coffee shop.

• Order bagel and coffee. Wait. Help a lady locate the small cappuccino the barista made for her.

• Drive to work.

• TRAIN. Backed up traffic.

• Turn around to find another route. Another longer route with lots of traffic lights.

• Get to work.

• Gather work bag, purse, gym bag, lunch bag and coffee.

• Spill coffee down and on shirt. Which is, of course, white.

• Spill more coffee on hand getting on elevator.

• Pile everything in office.

• Run into desk. That’s going to leave a bruise!

• Go to bathroom to blot coffee stain and make less noticeable.

• Realize bagel is still in the front seat of the car.

• Put lunch away in fridge.

• Retrieve bagel.

• Eat.

• Sit in office quietly and evaluate.

• This day has to go up, right?


3 thoughts on “My morning in bullets”

  1. I am totally with you on that. Seriously. Since getting to work, I spilled coffee in my hair. MY. HAIR. and on some papers on my desk. Then, I decided to switch to water.

  2. The coffee stains on the paper photo reminds me of the video for Reba’s “Is there life out there?” If you haven’t seen it; she plays a mom that returns to college to finish a degree. At the end, she turns in a paper with coffee stains all over it. She yelled at her kids during the process of that happening…then works it out with them later. The professor mentions next time maybe turning in a paper sans coffee stains next time. Reba’s character says, “I think I learned more from the coffee stains than the paper.”

    Just a random thought to share.

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