A Dog’s Life: I’m still kicking!


Hey, guys! It’s me, Muffin.

I’m here to clear something up. To quote the great Missouri writer Mark Twain (I’m from Missouri, too!): Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated.

Yep, I’m still kicking. And truth be told, if Mandy would get up and feed me some more of that ID canned dog food, I’d eat a whole ‘nother bowl full. Because I’m STARVING!

But I digress. No matter what you’ve been told, I’m still alive. Not that it wasn’t touch-and-go there for awhile. Yes, I know you’re saying derogatory things like, She’s a dog. How bad can it be? But let me tell you two things:

1) I’m not a dog. I’m a fur person.

2) I was really, really sick.

Imagine your worst ever toothache (or imagine it if you’re like Mandy and have only ever had very minor cavities) and multiply it by 12. That’s how many teeth I recently had pulled because of doggie dental disease. And, I had an abscess. That ruptured. It scared my person to death. And if I hadn’t felt so terrible, I would have thought her reaction was funny. But I felt about one degree north of AWFUL, so it wasn’t funny.20120201-211902.jpg

But after dental surgery and a bunch of stitches to repair the ruptured abscess and two rounds of antibiotics and weeks of soft food, I’m feeling pretty good. My doctor, Dr. Coles, removed my stitches yesterday, and I don’t have to go back for a month.

One month of milking this for all it’s worth. Who thinks I can have Mandy do my bidding for the next month?

Ah, yeah. This is going to be fun.

Love always, my people. Love always.



2 thoughts on “A Dog’s Life: I’m still kicking!”

  1. Muffin I was so worried about you. I glad you are so much better. If Mandy is not pampering you enough, I will just have to come over and pamper you some myself. 🙂

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