Facebook: Do you realize what you’ve done?!

So I’m a devoted Facebook fan. I’ll admit it. There’s no shame in it.

I. Like. Facebook.

A lot.

And I’m not one of those people who gets all up in arms when something about Facebook changes. It’s the nature of the beast; technology needs to change to keep up with the times. And at least FB is out there trying to be innovative and anticipate change than waiting to see what everyone else is doing. Plus, with most Facebook changes, I might dislike it mightily for awhile, but then I get used to it and generally like it.

Except that whole highlighted stories thing. I mean really. It might work for someone, but I really just want to see things in my news feed in chronological order. But even with that, you gave us the ability to sort our posts so that they would appear chronologically. That’s cool! That’s paying attention to your users.

And I’m not all down on the Timeline change that’s coming to Facebook over the next few weeks. I actually migrated my page to it a few weeks ago. But this morning as I was watching a segment on the news about the changes to Facebook, I realized something of grave importance: I’m going to have to explain and teach Timeline to my mom.

Let me say that again:

I’m going to have to explain AND teach Timeline to my mom.

Facebook, do you realize that I’ve just recently helped her to understand how to sort her news feed, unsubscribe from annoying posters without unfriending them, and taught her who to unfriend someone? She’s picked up a lot about Facebook and is pretty good at it, especially since she got her iPhone, but she asks me questions on the phone and every time I visit. She’s not technology illiterate, but changing it constantly and significantly tends to throw her for a loop. Which, of course, Timeline will do.

Meaning my next visit home will include a tutorial on Timeline and privacy settings. Thank you, Mark Zuckerberg.

It’s not that I mind really or that I don’t want to hang out with my mom. It’s just that I’d rather spend time talking with her than talking about Facebook. And if your change had been a wee bit more slow and step-by-step (read: not a complete shift in how our profiles work), I wouldn’t be facing a barrage of questions in my near future.

I choose to believe, Facebook, that you didn’t realize what you were doing to millions of 20- to 30-somethings when you made these changes. But you’re about to—when your moms and grandmas start calling with questions!


3 thoughts on “Facebook: Do you realize what you’ve done?!”

    1. Ha ha! My mom is hit-or-miss with it. She’s on there and posting like crazy for a few days, then doesn’t get on for forever. This change will be a fun one. . .

  1. I haven’t changed to timeline yet, know nothing about it. The most current version on facebook is not compatible with my Nook, so I don’t enough have a handle yet on the new news feed stuff…since I check facebook mostly on my Nook, not the laptop.

    And like you, I will have to explain timeline to my mom…once I figure it out 🙂

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