Run, Baby, Run!

Last year, I ran a half marathon.

And after we’d crossed the finish line and I’d realized that our official time was 2 hours and 30 minutes (not three hours, there are this things called rolling start times) and had a plethora of snacks and rested a little, I vowed that I would make running a way of life.

And I did.

For awhile.

Then, life got really busy. My workload seemed to grow exponentially and time grew short while various other responsibilities seemed to get even bigger. Then, birthdays came and the holiday season arrived and running got shelved for a bit in favor of busyness, baking, shopping, and running around in circles wondering how I was going to get everything done.

And that kind of running does not, of course, count as actual running.

But on New Year’s Eve, I signed up to run the Country Music Half Marathon in 2012. Again.  True training starts in February, but the preliminary running hasn’t been going so well. My workload hasn’t gotten any smaller; truth be told there’s probably more to do. Time is hard to come by and I have yet another cold—but I’m going to do this and do it well.

So if you hear me complaining or I call you whining about how I’m tired and don’t want to run, remind me that anything that matters usually takes a little hard work.

Then tell me to “Run, baby, run!”


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