A letter from a fan

trademark of Starbucks/I do not own this

Dear Starbucks,

I like you. I mean, I like like you. I’m not such a huge fan of your brewed coffee, but I like most of your more dessert-y offerings (with the exception of the salted caramel mocha thing; it’s WAY too sweet). I like that Starbucks menus are all basically the same and I can get what I’m expecting in just a matter of minutes. I truly love your mobile app and reloadable gift cards. And that you have a location within walking distance of work.

But now for some hard truths, which you have to take to heart when they come from someone who loves you. Most likely, I’m always going to pick a local coffeehouse when I want to sit and sip my coffee or hang out with friends. It has to do with the personality of such places, more room, and supporting local small businesses. And their food selection tends to be a tiny bit better. But I would pick you more often as a driving to work option IF YOU HAD A LOCATION ON MY WAY TO WORK.

See, I drove to Starbucks on my way to work today. But I had to drive about 5 miles in the opposite direction FROM work to get to you, then take a really crowded, busy route in to work just to get coffee on the way. And this location isn’t a drive-thru, so when I was already in a rush, I had to get out of my car, walk in, order, wait, and hurry back to my car so I could sit in traffic on that busy route. It’s not necessarily bad. . . it’s just not convenient.

So, truly, you’d get so much more of my business (and you already get a lot because I love you) if you had a drive-thru location somewhere in the OHB/Harding/I-65 area. Even Berry Hill or 100 Oaks Mall would work. I get that the area I live in isn’t exactly your “demographic,” but truly, you’d get some business. Because we’re the people who go to work whether we feel like it or not and we’re going to need our caffeine to get through the day.

So just think about it. You don’t have to make any promises. Just think.

And remember: I love you.

Overly caffeinated after that grande Americano,


5 thoughts on “A letter from a fan”

  1. Mandy, the location at the Publix shopping center (Pei Wei, Moe’s, etc.) is on OHB west of I-65. It’s a bit off the path, but they do have a drive-through and getting back on the interstate is pretty easy from there.

  2. That’s true. I live closer to I-24 (off Nolensville) and usually drive to the one at Edmonson/OHB. I just wish there were one somewhere in the Harding/OHB area. . ..

  3. Living in the “Middle of Everywhere,” as my town so proudly claims has its disadvantages…such as no decent restaurants and NO STARBUCKS!! We do have a Panera, which I frequent and do enjoy their food and coffees. However, they also do not have a drive-thru and they tend to be packed all the time!!

  4. Don’t hate the non-coffee drinking me. I pass one just before getting to work each day. Just off of 65 & Rosa Parks/Metro Center Blvd/8th Ave N on Domincan across from the Exxon. That one might be an option. Just a little further up 65 and it has a drive thru.

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