So this is the way the day is going to go.

I had great hopes for today. Things like: Get to work early so you can get some stuff done before all the meetings start. I have something at 8 a.m., a meeting from 8:30-10, chapel from 10-11, and a book discussion for work at 1 p.m.

Let me help you understand: I have about two hours of my work day in which to get actual work done.

So the plan was to get to work early and get a head start on things. But that plan, like most plans, fell to pieces in the light of day. Here’s why:

A wreck on Nolensville Road that meant taking a slightly different (i.e. maybe longer) route to work.

Realizing as I drove up the ramp to the garage that I had forgotten my badge at home. To get into the parking lots at work, we have to scan our badges so that the security gates open. So I had to call security. I told the guy who answered my name and then he asked a question that shouldn’t have been that hard to answer: What floor do you work on?

“4ST,” I answered confidently.

But wait a minute, I thought. Something’s wrong with that answer. What is it? Wait, did I say 4ST? Cause I work on 4DCT. . .

“Umm, wait, that’s not right,” I mumbled into the speaker next to the gate on the roof parking lot. “I, uh, don’t work on 4ST. I work on 4DCT. Yeah!”


More silence.

Finally, the security guard spoke, his voice sounding unconvinced and unsure. “Well, I’ll let you in, but you need to come get a visitor’s badge.”

“Sure,” I replied meekly, quietly. And then I parked my car and headed in to work.

And remembered upon walking into the entry area that I needed a badge to get in the door and actually get to my office.

“Oh great!” I exclaimed out loud, realizing after I’d spoken aloud that someone else was in the room with me. A VP over a division in the company. So now I’m talking to myself in front of important people. I explained the situation and she let me in and said she understood, but frankly, I was just ready to rewind and start today over.

Instead, I got on the elevator to get my lame visitor’s badge. And at some point on that elevator ride, pushed a button that wasn’t my actual destination.

Yeah, so this is the way today is going to go. . .


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