Some days. . .

Today’s one of those days.

The day when you’re tired when the alarm goes off.

Tired when you walk the dog.

Tired when it’s still completely dark and you’re outside walking the dog.

Tired when you get ready for work.

Tired when you drive to work.

And then you get to work and your password has been locked and you can’t get the fonts server to work.

So you’re tired when you call IT.

Tired when you power through 64 pages of corrections on the magazine.

Tired when you finish that and start trying to deal with some other stuff you’ve put off, like getting files from a server where archived files are kept. And once again, you can’t get in. So you call IT for the second time and discover that server went down over the weekend and no one’s sure when it will go back up.

Deep breaths. There are miles to go before you sleep.

But this is the day the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it! 🙂

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