So I haven’t written any “Dispatches” for a long time, but today feels like a good day for it. So here’s a little glimpse into the things that have been rattling around in my head, intriguing me, or otherwise making life the joyful journey it is.

• I’m in a really good mood today. And I’m feeling kind of goofy and seventh grade-ish. BEWARE!

• Game 6 of the World Series is tonight. The Cardinals are back in St. Louis, so I’m hoping for a win. But if Garcia gets out there and gets rattled, I have a bad feeling things won’t go as I’d like them to. Emotionally, though, I kind of need the WS to be over and there to be a clear winner/loser and to know what’s going to happen with Albert Pujols.

• I made an appointment to get my hair cut next week. You have exactly one week to talk me out of cutting off my hair. GO!

• “Last Dance with Mary Jane” is playing on the radio. Is it wrong that I know all the words?

• Tonight, I’m skipping choir practice (SORRY! sometimes I need a break) and going to the Bluebird Cafe with my friend Buddy to hear Jeffrey James. LOVE HIM! Check him out for yourself (shown here with his band, The Professional Children. They won’t be there tonight, obviously.)

• I just got some new Keurig coffee pods in the office. It’s by Green Mountain and called Lake & Lodge. If you like a darker roast with just a bit of an acidic aftertaste, you’ll like this stuff. It smells delicious! And I’m enjoying sipping it as I get my day started. Somehow, it’s relaxing.

• The other day we had this big training session at work. We were told it was mandatory and for some reason, I got this idea that we were going to be learning specifically how to do something. . . but mostly the meeting was casting the vision for what we were doing and was over the heads of most of us in the room. In this case, Twitter can be a lifesaver. I had some great conversations with people also in the room!

Well, much to do and only a little time. I hope you’re having a happy Wednesday! 🙂

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