What did he say?

A long time ago, one of my good friends gold me this story about the song “Everytime you go away (You Take a piece of me with you).” I honestly can’t remember who in her family misheard the lyrics, but whomever it was, he or she sang the song as: everytime you go away, you take a piece of meat with you.

I laughed and laughed and laughed.

Because misunderstanding lyrics was HILARIOUS and I’d never do that!

Then, last night, I saw this commercial. . . .

And realized I was ONE of those people. I do misunderstand lyrics.

Like there’s this song, I Wish You’d Let Me Let You Go, that Charlie Worsham wrote. See the video here. (BTW, I was there the night this was recorded.)

The lyric, I think, is “But I’m too weak and the knot’s too strong.”

For months, I sang it as “I’m too weak and the night’s too long.”

Then, there’s this David Mead song called Nashville. And at one portion of the song, he goes up into his falsetto—and I never had any idea what he was saying. So I’d just make high, falsetto noises that sort of sounded like what he was saying. Years after I first heard the song I finally looked up the lyrics, convinced he really wasn’t saying anything there and was just making noise.

Um, no. There are lyrics: “Rearrange a Southern star or two.” Not, OOOO ooooo OOOOOO, which is what I’d been singing.

So, what songs have you misheard lately? Let’s all have a good laugh at ourselves!


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