Oh. . .it’s THAT day.

Ever had that day where nothing really goes drastically wrong, but it doesn’t go right, either?

Yeah. That day.

Like maybe you just start out running a little behind. And you get in the shower later than usual. Then you dry your hair and though you’re convinced you did nothing differently, it just doesn’t look right.

Then you put on your makeup. You know, if you wear makeup. And you do the exact same thing you do every day and somehow, it just doesn’t look right either. Maybe it’s because you’ve suddenly gotten this weird pimple on your chin or something?

So now your hair looks weird and you don’t feel pretty because the makeup isn’t working.

So you decide what to wear. And you have to iron it. Then there’s those 5 minutes of searching when you can’t locate the tights you like to wear with this dress. And then you have to do something with the hair. And it’s 7:15 a.m.! And you’re still IN YOUR ROOM AT YOUR HOUSE!

And so you run downstairs with your weird hair and not-so-flattering makeup in your freshly ironed dress in the tights you did finally locate, grab all the stuff you need in your lunch bag (lunch plus snacks), grab a treat for the dog and scurry out the door.

And halfway to work you’re hit with this question:
Did I turn the iron off?

Did I turn the iron off?

Yeah. It’s that kind of day.


One thought on “Oh. . .it’s THAT day.”

  1. AUTOMATIC SHUTOFF!! Couldn’t live without it! In fact, I’ve wanted to buy a Chi hair straightener for quite sometime but refuse to do so because they don’t have this feature!

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