Have you heard?

The St. Louis Cardinals—MY St. Louis Cardinals—are going to the World Series.

Now, let me take this moments to publicly apologize to MY St. Louis Cardinals. Because back in August when things looked incredibly dire and I openly and loudly scoffed at the idea of the Cards making it into postseason play, this so-called diehard fan had zero faith in her team. The pitching just wasn’t there, I said. Bats weren’t hot. And over the top of it all, there’s that whole Albert-Pujols-is-a-free-agent-will-he-leave? thing.

When you’re something like 10 games back, it’s pretty hard to believe that you’ll be playing ball well into the fall, much less taking the field in the World Series.

But somehow, the Cardinals did it. They clawed their way back into contention. They beat the Phillies, arguably (or not arguably) the best team in baseball this year. Then, they squared off with the Milwaukee Brewers, a team with one of the best batting lineups this season, AND WON!

And now, the Cardinals are going to the World Series. Who knew?

So on Wednesday night, I’ll be at choir rehearsal when the Cards take the field for the first game of the World Series. And I’ll be glued to GameCast on my phone. And if this crazy postseason has anything to say about who will win the Series, I’ll just say this: Anything can happen.

And I’ll never, never, never count my Cards out again.

For more:

Washington Post article


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