I am not graceful. Or coordinated. Or professional.

I’m facing some new and interesting challenges at work, so it just sort of seemed time for a change in how my office looked.

A new refocused attitude and a newly rearranged office just make sense, right?

Well, in true Mandy fashion, nothing comes easily. Or gracefully. Or without injury.

I moved my bookcase. And pinched my hand. And have a blood blister.

It hurts. Not terribly, but somewhat. And I need to complain about it for just a minute.

OK. Complaining over.

Anyway, then came my favorite moment of the office rearrangement: I bent down to pick something sharp off of the floor and it slipped under my fingernail and speared me. It hurt, but my phone was ringing. I picked up because it was my graphic designer.

And then I looked at my finger.

Which was now bleeding.

And not just a little. Bright red blood.

Which is when I reached down into the depths of my professionalism and uttered these words into the phone at the speed of light: “Can I call you right back? I’m bleeding. OK, thanks! Bye!”

Yes. That happened. And I love that I had the forethought/ingrained politeness/manners to both thank her and tell her good-bye before I uncermoniously hung up on her and hurried off to the bathroom and the office first aid kit to bandage my finger.

Later I had to sheepishly call her back. She answered her phone with, “Did you say bleeding?”

Yep. All in a day’s work, folks.

All in a day’s work.


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