It’s gonna be OK.

On Friday afternoon as I was driving down Interstate 40 toward Jackson, Tenn., headed toward Missouri and my family, a coworker called.

And I knew from the moment I picked up that it was something important and probably something I wasn’t going to like.

It was. Basically, something that I wanted and had been looking forward to with regard to my work may not happen.

It was disappointing and a little disheartening.

But somehow, it wasn’t wholly unexpected. I realized I’d kind of been waiting for the other shoe to drop for awhile.

And judging on the way I was feeling emotionally toward the end of last week, I almost expected myself to burst into tears while driving down the highway. I didn’t. Instead, I felt a peace, an overwhelming sense that while this really wasn’t my favorite thing in the world, everything really would be OK.

That didn’t mean it wouldn’t be hard, difficult, or frustrating. It will be every one of those things at one time or another and possibly all at once.

But it’s going to be OK.

Not perfect. Not the way I dreamed or the way I would wish it to be. Not ideal.

But OK.

There is a peace in knowing God will sustain you, even when the path you have to walk isn’t the one you necessarily want.

It’s going to be OK.


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