Hey, guys. Muffin here.

You know, Mandy’s dog. The awesomely awesome dog that you all know and love. Don’t pretend you don’t know and love me!!!

Anyway, I just wanted to take over the blog today and tell you about something that’s going down at our house this week. To put it simply, payback stinks!

See, when Mandy’s traveling, I often go hang out at my Moppy and Poppy’s house. I like it there. Really, it’s my country house. And it was MY house before it was any of those loser dogs’ who live there now’s house.

But I guess Mandy feels kind of guilty or something because she agreed to take care of Sophie, one of those loser dogs, while Moppy and Poppy are in Pigeon Forge.

Sophie, people. Sophie.

That blonde thing with the sweet attitude who likes to flip her hair a lot. Everyone thinks she’s so sweet and kind and stuff. People say things like, “Muffin, why can’t you be more like her?”

For reals.

As if we need more ditzy blondes in the world.

Anyway, that Sophie is staying with us until Friday.

And I ain’t happy about it.

And when Muffin ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.


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