The story of our words

Texts tell a story. Little messages sent out to friends and family—to make them laugh, to tell them something interesting, to remind or encourage.

Last night, I was looking through some of my own text messages from friends and family and just had to share some of the fascinating and hilarious jewels I discovered.

Here they are for your reading pleasure:

Me to a friend: So there’s a strapless bra in my purse. Been there all day. Odds I dump it out on the floor during choir?

A friend to me: I thought the Wendy’s sign said “check out our signature eyelashes.”

A former coworker to me: So apparently our “no microwaving fish” rule needs to be made into a law.

Coworker: Nope, I gave him your office number and he was so excited! (This was a joke and refers to a guy that used to work at one of my favorite lunch places in town and repeatedly gave me his number.)

A friend to me: Are you all carbo loaded for your 36% Marathon with a 48-hour break Chikin Classic?

My mom: Ate with jhawk this am (I think she means they ate with a Jayhawk that morning. They were in Branson, but she never responded to my “What?” reply text.)

My sister-in-law: I asked Eli if he wanted to go see Aunt Mandy, he ran off and came back wearing Mr Potato Head glasses.

A friend from work who we went on a “bear hunt” with in New Mexico earlier in the summer: So guess what? Late last night some of the staff ran into a bear near Western Town

A friend: No prob. . . she’s off the ladder for the moment. . .although I did just stab myself with scissors. .. lol

A friend: Uggghhh! Sweet angel of death come rescue me!

Happy Friday, all!


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