I lived to tell about it!

Well, my mini-half-marathon weekend has come and gone. . .and I survived!

On Saturday morning, my friend Alisha and I braved the heat (it was like 100 degrees, for real—well, probably not when we ran, but still hot and humid) to run the Run Chikin Run 10K. While neither of us improved upon our 10K personal bests, we did finish—without anyone throwing up—which is a victory of its own, really! We finished with an official time of 1:13 for the entire race, which means a little over 11 min/mile pace.

Not bad for an really hot day! (Plus, when will I ever get the chance to run past Civil War cannons again? And when we were running through the Stones River Battlefield and I saw these cannons, I yelled out “Cannons!” And my fellow racers thought I was weird. Oh well!)

I had a day to rest on Sunday, then got up early Monday, drove down to Franklin and ran the Franklin Classic 5K. What a difference a day and a tropical storm make! It had been raining since Sunday morning and had poured earlier in the morning on Monday. The rain had tapered off to a drizzly mist by the time the 5K started, but the temperature had also dropped to 59 degrees. While I kind of like running in cool weather, this seemed especially cold with the rain and all.

My plans for the 5K had been to run every step of it, but a few minutes in, I knew it just wasn’t going to happen. So I ran 8 minutes and walked 2 minutes for the rest of the race, and skipped the walking in the last mile since the finish line was in sight. My finishing time was 33 minutes and a few seconds, which is good, since I wanted to finish in 34 minutes. My Nike+ said I ran with a pace of 10:35/mile, which is an improvement, so I’ll take it.

I don’t have any races planned for a bit, but I do plan to keep on running. Got to improve my VO2 max! (If you’ve heard me complain about my assessment in the U.S. City Challenge, this is one of the areas I need to improve. And was told to improve. But not told how to improve it. . . . Anyway, I digress.)

Happy Tuesday! Happy Running!



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