So, yeah, you’re fat.

A few weeks ago I wrote a humorous blog post about the health assessments and body age discussions going on in conjunction with the U.S. City Challenge at my workplace.

You see, my dears, that was BEFORE I had my assessment.

I was still cocky and sure of myself, thinking I run, so I’m going to rock this thing! 

Then came last Thursday.

When I discovered among other things that I was fat.

OK, so that’s a bit unfair. No one ever called me fat. And my feat of 38 sit-ups in a minute seemed to impress the girl.

Actually, what happened is that my assessment said I was a few years older than I actually am and stressed the area that I needed to focus on during the 8 weeks of the challenge was my body composition. Which is a nice way of saying, Hey, Mandy! You need a lower body fat percentage.

So, I’ve really been working on that. Healthier choices at meals. Healthier snacks. Fewer sodas, even if they were Coke Zeros. I’ve been taking the stairs and trying to walk more. I even did speed intervals on my 4-mile run yesterday (and only walked twice).

But I’m not going to lie: the assessment’s findings were a little disappointing to me. But I’m not going to linger on that or spend my time calling myself fat. Instead, I’m going to focus on being healthier and enjoy my life.

Which basically means doing most of the same things, just with fewer cookies. 😉


One thought on “So, yeah, you’re fat.”

  1. Mandy, I’m doing the US City Challenge too and was very disappointed in my age assessment. I’m more disappointed in how many push ups I could do. My knees gave out before my arms did. Keep up the good work. I’ve been off any soda products for a month now and trying to walk more at lunch. I’ve gone to the Capital and to LP field from LifeWay (not in the same day!). I’m doing the stairs more now too.

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