What it means to be me

Yesterday at lunch, I was talking with a few friends about a coworker’s quirks.

At some point, someone said “We all have our own quirks.”

While that wasn’t a new piece of information, it is very true. So I just thought I’d share a few of my own today. . . .

• You stop at the drugstore on the way to choir rehearsal for a few essentials you’re going to need in the next few days. These essentials are comprised of mascara and gum. ESSENTIAL!

• While pressing the next button on the first 20 songs your iPod wants to play, you truly ponder creating that “depressing music” playlist your friend teases you about.

• After listening to Ryan Adam’s song “Lucky Now” from his forthcoming album about 400 times yesterday and twice this morning, you’re pretty sure you’ve become pretty much obsessed with it. (If you’d like to hear, go here.)

• When a new, possibly single-ish guy shows up at church, the older ladies in the choir ask you (with arched eyebrows, I might add) if you “want to get to know him a little better.” You have no words.

• You talk to the tiny little bug that’s hanging out on your front door when you leave the house to go to work. (Hey, little guy! Why you hanging out here? Are you a tiny grasshopper? The tiniest I’ve ever seen! And do you only have one big jumper leg. The others must make fun of you.)

• You try to fill a pitcher with water in a sink that’s not very deep. Meaning you’re going to spill most of the water when you’re trying to get it out of the sink. And you do this TWICE.

• When you can’t think of a Facebook status, you resort to song lyrics or Frederick Buechner quotes.

• In preparation for a health evaluation thing at work, you test yourself to see how many sit-ups you can do in a minute. Then look up to see what’s a good number. Then practice AGAIN trying to beat that number. Then you realize, after you’ve done enough sit-ups in a minute to be considered just slightly “above average” that you’ve been looking at the men’s chart, not the women’s.

• You try to be all sassy to a coworker who says he’s going to talk to “people on the 9th floor” by saying “What can they do to me?!” Then he tells you who it is and you realize they CAN do something to you. . . so you shut up. Quickly.

• You realize these stories you’ve just shared are dumb, but they’re also funny. And the world should laugh more. 🙂


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